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Screening Services


We are the largest and the original, often emulated but never duplicated, Nationwide screening and verification website.  Look through our escort gallery and escort websites on the Internet. You will find the most reputable escorts who proudly display their DATE-CHECK verification seal.


Preferred411 is a screening service for those who seek only the most discreet experiences in upscale adult companionship. We offer a private network to members who wish to connect with others in a safe and discreet way.


Hi, I'm Cathy from RoomService2000. Thanks for your interest in RS2KMembership. Let me explain why we offer this verification service and how it can benefit you.

Benefits for Hobbyists:

  • You only need to go through the verification process once

  • Any information provided by you to complete verification is destroyed

  • You will be assigned a specific way to identify yourself to providers Many providers who use our

Benefits for Providers:

  • Providers need to feel safe and comfortable when arranging a meeting

  • "Only" hobbyists who we verify can become members

  • "Only" providers can verify that an individual is a verified member of Roomservice2000

  • We provide advertising and membership verification services only! WE ARE NOT AN AGENCY!




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