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Belfast's shock new vice girl warning
Underage market is growing: police
Belfast Telegraph

By Jonathan McCambridge

07 July 2006

Police today delivered a shock warning that a market for underage prostitutes is developing in Belfast.

Although no children have yet been found working in the vice trade, detectives believe some customers are looking for underage girls and have received reports of prostitutes passing themselves off as minors.

An investigation by the Belfast Telegraph has also found that international escort girls are targeting Belfast, staying in luxury hotels and apartments, and are able to earn up to 4,000 a night. The South Belfast Drugs and Vice Team, the only unit of its sort in Northern Ireland, has uncovered 62 brothels in the city centre and surrounding area since it was formed last year.

South Belfast Crime Manager, Detective Inspector Jeff Smyth, said ensuring that children were not sucked into the seedy world of vice was the number one priority for the unit.

He said that, until recently, police in the area had not received any reports of children working as street prostitutes. However, he said the situation had taken a sinister turn.

DI Smyth said: "I cannot say that is the case now. I have to say it is a real concern for police, but we are having referrals.

"At this point in time we have not had an operation where someone under the age of 18 is working on the streets or in a brothel, but there have been incidents where there have been concerns about females who look very, very young. Younger females attract a certain clientele, they are alive to the fact that some clients want younger people."

DI Smyth added: "Some make themselves look as young as they can but when we have spoken to them we are satisfied that they are overage. We had one incident where there was an 18-year-old girl and we were being told she was 15, but it was not the case.

"We would like to think that if there was a child on the streets in Belfast we would be alerted to it quickly, because many of the older girls, some of whom are mothers, would take the view that they do not want young girls falling into the trap. There is a child market out there."

DI Smyth said that international escort girls were targeting Belfast through advertising their services on the internet.

One website, viewed by the Belfast Telegraph, advertised escort girls from Australia, Brazil and Japan who have all visited Belfast. The sites offer price ranges and phone numbers.

The average rate for the international escorts is 120 for half an hour, although some can make up to 4,000 a night.

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