Active debt is a set of public debts for both individuals and companies, at the State, Federal or Municipal levels.

It is important that the consumer is aware of this type of pending, as it may result in several problems such as increased interest rates, suspension of certain services, credit restrictions, in addition to adding the defaulting party’s name to Securedlink Credit or Credisure Finance.

It is important to note that not all active debts are due to non-payment of taxes. Other types of non-tax debt can also be considered as active debt.

Some of these debts can be rent arrears, indemnities and refunds, occupancy tax, etc.

How to calculate the active debt?

How to calculate the active debt?

You will need to go to some sites to see the exact values ​​of your active debt. For disputes with the federal government, it is necessary to enter the website of the Federal Revenue.

In order to access your active debt with the government of your municipality – which can also be called IPTU -, contact your city hall. It is also possible to check if it is necessary to make a payment with the state government and, for that, access the active debt session on the website or channel made available by the government of each state.

How to pay an active debt?

How to pay an active debt?

In most cases, the debtor will receive at his home a notice of the pending issue, in addition to the payment slip that will be used to pay off the debt. It is possible to pay in cash at lotteries, Caixa Econômica and establishments that make payment of slips.

For the payment of IPVA, you must go to the Treasury Department where your vehicle was registered. After that, your ticket will be generated and your vehicle will be regularized.

In the case of IPTU, you need to go to the city hall of your city, where you will receive a payment guide, just needing to follow the instructions.

How to install the active debts?

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For those who are not in a position to pay off their debt completely, it is possible to pay in installments. However, it will depend on the total amount of the pendency. To ask for the installment payment, it is necessary to present it to the Attorney for active debt, in the case of debt originating in the capital or in the competent regional attorney, in the case of municipalities in the interior of the state.

Thus, understanding what the active debt is, what its use for the government is and how to pay or install this type of debt, you will be able to perform a better financial planning of your expenses and pending issues, managing to make your name clear more quickly .

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